Intellimeter's new i-meter® DCU (Data Collection Unit) collects meter information utilizing communication protocols including; Modbus and MBus. Capable of acting as a stand-alone or cloud system, the i-meter® DCU, comes with 16GB of memory storage and the ability to broadcast and store historical meter data. The i-meter® DCU offers a convenient way to bench mark energy consumption for energy efficiency and billing initiatives.

  • Easy integration of multiple meter streams on to a customized platform
  • Customizable interval data: 15 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Data collection and integration ideal for Building Automation and Billing Systems
  • Local or remote access of meter data
  • Integrate meter information from multiple applications; commercial, industrial, institutional or residential in one location
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Intellimeter DCU
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ICI Data Collection Unit
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DCU Data Collection Unit

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