i-meter® EV Charger Meter and Demand Controller (EVCMC)

New generations of environmentally conscious people are driving the Electric Car revolution. This wave of Electric Vehicles is coming faster than anticipated thanks to innovation, cost reductions, government support, and financial viability. Building owners and condominium boards are facing difficult choices because building new or expanding electrical infrastructure will be expensive and will take time. To protect the existing infrastructure from overloads, and to avoid excessive demand charges, Intellimeter has designed the new i-meter EVCMC.


  • Meter and bill for the electricity used in each charger including time of use rates.
  • Monitor the main service demand to ensure that the contracted demand is never exceeded.
  • Alternate the loads to ensure that maximum ampacity of the feeder is never exceeded (avoid tripping the main breaker because of overload).
  • Ensure that all vehicles receive an adequate charge overnight.

It combines a three phase distribution panel board with 250 Ampere bus bars and 12 two pole breakers for 208 Volts rated 40 amps, a Measurement Canada approved i-meter 45, an individual contactor for each charger circuit and a controller that is programmable to set a timer for each charger. As a car is plugged into the charger and begins its charge the i-meter EVCMC tracks the time it has been on, as more cars are plugged in the i-meter EVCMC monitors the total charge to ensure that the contracted demand or the ampacity of the feeder and breaker are never exceeded by disconnecting car chargers gradually, based on the time they have been on, protecting the existing infrastructure and allowing to alternate and distribute the power to multiple chargers. As the load diminishes the car chargers are connected again.

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