MF3 Meter Updated

The i-meter® MF Series meter is an efficient energy multi-function meter proven to drive energy savings in various applications. The i-meter® MF series meter comes in two configurations: the i-meter® MF3; a 3-element single meter and the i-meter® MF6; a 3-element double meter. Capable of single and multiple load monitoring, i-meter® MF series meters offer monitoring of multiple parameters including; voltage, amperage, kilowatts, Power Factor, Frequency, Harmonics and more. Housed in its own enclosure with an LCD display, the i-meter®MF series is a convenient meter for all your sub-metering needs!

  • Autoranging in voltage from 120V-347V L-N
  • Monitor multiple electrical loads from the same distribution panel
  • Revenue Grade with periodic collection and storage of data
  • Flexible functionality: standalone or connected to a system
  • Track energy consumption and earn valuable LEED points
  • Communication capable using radio signal, ModBus or BACNet communications
  • Low cost and efficient for residential, commercial and industrial applications
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