Introducing the i-meter® Ultrasonic Compact Energy Meter—a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way you measure energy consumption in your heating and cooling applications. Experience advanced technology that not only tracks your energy usage but does so with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Elevate your energy management to new heights with the Intellimeter Ultrasonic Compact Energy Meter. All meters come with a full one-year warranty.

  • Empowered by an internal high-capacity 3.6V lithium battery for reliable and sustained performance
  • Versatile installation options allow mounting on either the supply or return pipeline, in both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs
  • Seamless integration with industry-standard protocols, including CJ188, EN1434 (GB/T26831), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems
  • Enhanced connectivity with options for optical interface, RS485, or M-Bus interface, offering multiple avenues for data exchange and communication
  • Future-ready technology with compatibility with the NOWA protocol, ensuring adaptability to emerging standards and systems
  • Rigorously tested and certified with MID certification approval, providing assurance of accuracy and compliance with industry standards
  • Revenue grade meters for legal tenant billing and Measurement Canada approved!
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At Intellimeter, we recognize the uniqueness of each project. We strive to deliver meters tailored to seamlessly integrate with your specific systems. Intellimeter's system excels at consolidating various communication systems into one cohesive unit, primarily through pulse output. Moreover, our adaptability extends to other communication systems like RF or MBus, ensuring our system aligns perfectly with the requirements of your project. When it comes to monitoring consumption, Intellimeter acknowledges the importance of centralizing data for ease of analysis. Enter the PT2K Data Logger—a powerful 8-channel tool designed to effortlessly integrate data from your water, gas, and BTU meters, simplifying the monitoring process for you.

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