Valve-controlled Ultrasonic Water Meter

The new i-meter VCWM is an ultrasonic water meter from Intellimeter that comes with a remote-controlled valve integrated into the same meter body.

Ultrasonic technology allows for more accurate reading and a very low minimum flow of 16 liters per hour compared to 50 liters/hr of a mechanical meter, therefore it is able to detect smaller water leaks that would have gone undetected by a mechanical meter. The new i-meter VCWM includes temperature indication and uses MBus metering technology to provide valuable data, low water temperature alarm to prevent freezing and control in addition to water consumption.

The motorized valve uses a capacitor to add starting torque when operated to reduce stress on the MBus line, and all the electronic components are encapsulated to protect them from moisture in the environment.

The new i-meter VCWM can be installed horizontally or vertically without impacting its accuracy and is available for domestic cold water (T50℃) and domestic hot water (T70℃) services in 15, 20 and 25 mm diameters.

Approved and certified under MID European standards and ISO 4064-4:2014.

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