Benefits of Submetering Systems

In today’s business, energy is a cost that is manageable. What is your solution to manage this cost?

At Intellimeter we provide...

Customized systems

Monitor the power used by any suite, business unit, or machine

Easy installation

Auto-ranging i-meter® can be programmed on site for new projects or retrofits

Clear information

The Energy Information Solution ensures the data you need is only a click away

Real-time data monitoring

Measure, Understand & conserve your energy in real time, rather than waiting for your energy bills

What are the benefits of using our meters?

Commercial grade, auto-ranging instrumentation

  • Robust construction permits installation in commercial, industrial and multi-tenant residential electrical distribution environments.
  • Our meters are auto-ranging and self-adapt to the buildings electrical distribution, with available neutral, without the use of potential transformers.


Open Source Access to Meter Data

  • Customers have complete access to and management of meter data
  • Time of use meter data with CSV file export is provided for LEED, cost allocation or analytical reporting purposes
  • Advanced energy information management software allow custom dashboards & reports with no ongoing fees/restrictions to data ownership
  • Customer's billing service provider of choice can access the Intellimeter meter data
  • Web based access is provided to meter data for processing anywhere in the world
  • Customer access to properties available for management by the customer or property management provider
  • Network access to meter data is provided on the customers’ network


Modbus and Bacnet Communication

  • Permits integration with Building Automation systems
  • Enables inclusion of mechanical meters with advanced features (BTU)
  • Pulse output meters (water & gas) can be integrated with electric meter data
  • Cost effective and easily installed Cat5 communication cabling readily permits integration of meters within a building
  • Multiple buildings can be integrated via the customer's network structure where communication cabling is not available
  • Radio communication can be utilized to communicate meter data where cabling or network are not available


Approved for installation within the electrical distribution panel or switchboard

  • Reduced space requirement
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Permits factory configuration, installation and verification in the panel at Intellimeter
  • Current transformers do not have to be removed for measurement Canada seal updates
  • Intellimeter Current Transformer rails eliminate the CT leads reducing distribution panel gutter fill
  • CT rails ensure proper installation (orientation to load, proper phase and circuit)


Intellimeter provides the ability for you to understand what is driving your energy consumption—whether it is Water, Gas, BTU or Electricity— Allowing YOU to control and manage your energy costs